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Supporting us

Developing research at the highest level and attracting the most promising talents requires a high level of financial support. Patronage, donations and legacies contribute to flexible and reactive funding adapted to the pace of research so that it continues to progress and lead to the innovations of tomorrow and contribute to solving major societal challenges.

Why support us?

  • To help
  • The 11,000 researchers in their quest for knowledge and ever greater understanding of the world around us and of ourselves;
  • The 14,000 technical and administrative staff who contribute to the daily running of this research.
  • To enable
  • perpetuate the pioneering and free spirit, the long term research with no declared end, and to support a timeless organisation in fidelity to the wishes of its founders to contribute to the development of knowledge and the advancement of science;
  • The great discoveries that emerge from the unplanned daily routine of intellectual and experimental work that is as demanding as it is exciting;
  • To remain at the highest level of international competition for knowledge at a crucial time for the competitiveness of the nation.
  • Offering
  • The long time that is so precious to scientists;
  • The necessary reactivity on current issues.

Extract from Barbara Cassin’s speech at the presentation of the CNRS gold medal – philosopher, research director at the CNRS, member of the French Academy

  • To guarantee
    • Research that is totally free and independent of any pressure related to its funding

How can you support us ?

You can :

  • Support all the projects of the Foundation and the CNRS;
  • Focus your donation on one of the societal challenges identified by the CNRS:
    • Climate change and energy transition;
    • Health and the environment;
    • For an ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence;
    • City of tomorrow.

You can make :

  • Donations. Each of your donations counts and actively contributes to supporting the work of the CNRS laboratories.
  • Legacies and donations. Making a bequest or donation to the CNRS Foundation ensures that you will be able to finance free research over the long term and contribute to the development of knowledge and the advancement of science.

Donations and taxation for individuals in France

The withholding tax implemented in January 2019 preserves your tax benefits.

Donations to the CNRS Foundation are tax-deductible :

of the amount of the donation, up to 20% of the taxable income if it is made for income tax purposes

of the amount of the donation, up to 50 000 € if it is made for real estate wealth tax

The CNRS foundation is authorised to receive legacies, donations, usufructs and life insurance exempt from death duties.