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The CNRS, the only French multidisciplinary research organization, a key player in international research and a recognized innovator, combines excellence, freedom of research, transdisciplinarity and valorization of results. These are all values that the institution applies to research that is open to economic and social issues. The wealth of the CNRS lies in its staff and their unique ability to push back the frontiers of knowledge in all fields.

To mark its 80th anniversary, the CNRS is creating the CNRS Foundation in 2019 to support the work of its scientists. Sponsorship, donations and legacies are all levers that contribute to its development.

Board of Directors

The CNRS Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which defines the Foundation’s general policy, sets strategic directions, votes on budgets and approves the accounts. The Board is made up of the CNRS President and CEO, the CNRS Director General for Science, two staff representatives and three qualified personalities. This composition allows a vision of the scientific priorities of the founding organization, representatives of the economic world and of civil society.

CNRS representatives
Antoine Petit
Antoine Petit - CNRS President
Alain Schuhl
Alain Schuhl - CNRS Director General for Science
Qualified personalities
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon - Honorary Professor at IHES
Ilham Kadri
Ilham Kadri - CEO of the Solvay group

Louis Schweitzer
Louis Schweitzer - Honorary Chairman of Renault
Isabelle Kocher de Leyritz
Isabelle Kocher de Leyritz - Chairman & CEO Blunomy
Laurent Beauvais
Laurent Beauvais - Former President of the Basse-Normandie Region
CNRS Staff representatives
Pierre-Yves Saillant
Pierre-Yves Saillant - Research engineer at the CNRS
Boris Gralak
Boris Gralak - Director of research at the CNRS
The foundation’s team
Michel Mortier
Michel Mortier - Executive director of the foundation
Brigitte Roux
Brigitte Roux - Assistant to the director
Albena Delmotte
Albena Delmotte - Administrative assistant
Barbara Ciaramella
Barbara Ciaramella - Partnerships and communication manager

The CNRS in a few figures

The CNRS is a national organisation, present in all regions and close to everyone. Today, it is the largest public research organisation in Europe and the second largest in the world.

Helping its scientists to maintain this position also means helping France to remain a country of science and knowledge, enabling the innovations of tomorrow, contributing to France’s sovereignty and promoting its research.


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