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Hosted Foundations

The CNRS Foundation is a hosting foundation. It thus offers the possibility of creating your own dedicated fund, hosted foundation or under aegis.

In line with the CNRS’s mission – to carry out free multidisciplinary research on a national and international level – the Foundation is open to hosting actions in support of research and innovation: foundations of researchers or foundations of patrons wishing to develop their field of action, their reputation and their fundraising capacities, by benefiting from the status of a foundation under aegis.

Creating a foundation under aegis

Why create a dedicated fund or a foundation under aegis?

    • The fund or foundation can freely take the name of its founders or highlight the cause it supports through its name;
    • The tax advantages are identical to those of the CNRS foundation;
  • The ability to receive donations and legacies;
  • The administrative support of the CNRS Foundation while maintaining a great deal of freedom in the collection and use of funds;
  • A freely chosen fixed duration, even perennial, a foundation with or without an initial endowment.

If you wish to create your own foundation or endowment fund under aegis: contact us for assistance with your project

Our foundations under the aegis

Fondation Rescue Ocean

Logo de la Fondation Rescue Océan