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Corporate sponsorship

For many years, the CNRS has maintained strong relations with the business world through, for example, research partnership contracts or numerous joint research structures.

Corporate sponsorship allows us to contribute in a different way to the progress of knowledge that will lead to tomorrow’s innovations on the basis of the results of today’s fundamental and free research.

Supporting the CNRS Foundation also means contributing to the life of research laboratories that are potential partners in a more finalised relationship. It means contributing to the attractiveness of young talent in CNRS laboratories.

Sponsorship helps to maintain and develop unique multidisciplinary expertise. It means helping the CNRS to respond to environmental, political and demographic challenges… Contribute to ensuring that the CNRS has the means to consolidate its position as a national player, present throughout France, and internationally, at the forefront of research rankings on a global scale, and benefit from its brand image.

In the form of chairs, sponsorship makes it possible to bring the business world closer to the world of laboratories and their staff within a flexible framework. Without direct compensation, this support will make it possible to preserve or develop rare or emerging knowledge and disciplines, sources of inventions and technical progress that no one can predict today, but which will contribute to the development of the products and markets of the future.

You can also sponsor a major scientific incentive prize in a field of interest to your company.

The sponsorship project is fully customised to match the values we can share and your areas of interest. To submit your project here.


Your support is tax deductible in France. The tax regime for sponsorship allows companies subject to income tax or corporation tax to benefit from a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount of donations paid up to €2 million, and a reduction at the rate of 40% for the fraction above €2 million. All of this is subject to a limit of 5 ‰ of turnover, raised to a minimum of €10,000 per year for SMEs (Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code).